The Michigan Engineers' Resource Library (MERL) is a software suite that helps transportation engineers create road and bridge project estimates, enter and analyze bids for local jobs, and track daily postings and payment estimates. In addition, MERL provides access to various Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) resource documents. MERL was created by the Center for Technology & Training (CTT) at Michigan Technological University. (Read more)


Updates to Pay Items and Average Unit Prices

Thursday, December 12, 2019
  • 2012 Spec Year Pay Items updated as of 12/11/2019
  • 2012 Spec Year Average Unit Prices updated through 9/30/2019

Users running version 2017.5 or newer can access the Pay Items and Average Unit Price downloads by selecting the Tools option within the main menu and then selecting Check for Lookup Data Updates

MERL Goes Mobile

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

With the release of MERL 5.3.0, the Center for Technology & Training proudly announces its first mobile application for MERL, Local Job Manager Mobile. This mobile app brings desktop functionality into the field. Principal Programmer, Nick Koszykowski, explained that since this work is typically done outside of the office “creating a mobile app was the next logical step”. 

Once MERL desktop and Local Job Manager Mobile are set up, engineers and inspectors will have their contracts at their fingertips allowing them to add daily postings to their projects right from the job site,...

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